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Stilolinea offers to its customers a wide choice of services for the customization by using, according to the product type and the image or text to be printed, the most appropriate solution.


It is a printing process, which lets you reproduce, quickly and with high fidelity and resolution, drawings, writings and decorations. Basically it could be defined as a system that allows you to transfer images 2D graphics on 3D surfaces. By means of a soft and flexible silicone pad, a film of indelible ink is transferred from an engraved plate steel or photopolymer (pad printing cliché) on the surface of the support. The printing surface may be non-flat, thanks to the soft pad printing that can easily adapt to the different shapes on which it is pressed. Pad printing lets you print with a higher resolution than screen printing, allowing the printing of the most subtle drawings with sharpness, even with more colors and printing "wet on wet".

Advantages: you can print very small details, extremely thin lines and shades; you can customize objects of various shapes, with flat or curved surfaces.


It is a printing technique in which the design, applied to a gauze that has a photosensitive top layer, is irradiated with ultraviolet rays. The gauze is rinsed to remove the not lit parts and placed on the object to be printed. The ink on the gauze is pressed on the object so that it can transfer the image. For most of the items it can make prints in one or more colors.

Advantages: it is one of the most popular technologies and applications because it provides good coverage on surfaces and, with the right shrewdness, on both flat and on curved ones.


It is a technique in which the pattern is embossed on metal. The laser beam is controlled by a computer that allows you to reproduce the design in detail. The laser engraving can not be realized in color; the color is determined by the type of metal of which the object is made.

Advantages: the effect of personalization is one of the most exclusive and refined. The quality of detail is amazing and customization is virtually indestructible.


It is the combination of the full-color printing of a logo on a sticker on which an epoxy resin with two components forms a transparent bubble. The resin is transparent as the glass and protects the image giving a "magnifying" visual effect and higher brightness.

Advantages: it is ideal for multi-color logos because it allows a printing up to max 8 colors at no extra charge. The resin coating protects the color from natural fading effect after prolonged exposure to the light. You can reproduce very small and fine details.


It is a printing technique carried out directly by means of a computer connected to the printing machine. Suitable for a small number of items, for all flat surfaces.

Advantages: low costs and speed in production. High savings on small orders with multi-color printing .

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