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In the collective imagination, "Made in Italy" denotes products that are expensive; however, in the case of Stilolinea, excellence in manufacture does not always mean high prices.

Our firm's flexible product range allows us to market numerous models in several price bands.

For many firms, advertising is considered a cost rather than an investment, so their main aim is to identify the most effective promotional gifts for the lowest possible price. Very often - but mistakenly - the only solution is thought to be imported items which save the firm money to the detriment of quality.

Nothing is further from the truth: the client may think he's found a cheap personalised pen and got a bargain, but very soon he'll realise that the pen doesn't work properly and his promotion will finish much sooner than he intended.

What's more, his brand image will appear cheap, just like his free gifts. His customers will be dissatisfied and unlikely to return to his firm for future business!

With Stilolinea "Winning Prices" range, you can offer your customers a promotional pen for large-scale advertising campaigns while staying within a limited budget: our S45, Ciak Junior and S30 all meet these criteria. Their different designs can satisfy various tastes and requirements, with the guarantee of a 100% Made in Italy product that ensures the highest standards in terms of materials and writing quality.

Stilolinea, the great Italian brand at small prices, will help you to gain the loyalty of many customers, even the most exacting!

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